Banking Outside Seoul Time

And an update on why I couldn’t access my Woori Bank account using my Hanvit Bank (now Woori Bank) International Debit Card.

It’s not that there was a network problem, like when the Woori Bank network was down earlier this week. (Yes, my bank’s network actually goes down sometimes. This was the second time I can remember.)

It’s not, as was suggested to me, that the card is actually not a debit card when used out of the country. (Which was a bizarre and scary suggestion.)

It’s not that I’d overdrawn my funds, as I should still have a lot in my account right now. (Not that much, but about eight times more than I was trying to withdraw.)

No, it’s that international transactions on an International Woori Bank card can only be processed from 8:00am to 10:00pm, Seoul time.

That’s right. You can’t use your bank card for ten hours a day. Because that’s outside of extended business hours… in Seoul.

Why this is the case, I have absolutely NO idea. I know that it doesn’t make sense for an INTERNATIONAL card; that it pretty much makes it impossible for me to do anything with my bank card during normal business hours in North America, the part of which I’m in is 13 hours behind Korea.

But anyway, if you ever have a problem with your International Bank Card from a Korean bank, don’t be surprised. Amusingly enough, mine worked fine in Asia, but once I left more than a few time zones away, I began having nothing but problems.

Seoul time. As if all the world operates on Seoul time. Pbbbbbbt.

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