Poll Time

I mentioned in the last post that the results of my last poll suggested that most voters (60%) wanted me to bring an assortment of winter survival gear and some French girls from Quebec to Korea when I return. You can see full results here.

I can only assume the respondents are mainly lonely expat guys (or lesbians, of course… not to exclude those good ladies, I’m just extrapolating likely populations here) in Korea who aren’t as lucky as I am having Lime in my life. Sorry guys. No can do. Maybe I was taunting if you construed that as an offer, but it wasn’t one. Ah well.

The new poll’s up, though, and it’s high time you voted. Get on it.

6 thoughts on “Poll Time

  1. honey,
    i think you forgot making a ‘result’ button on new poll.

    i’m curious about that result..

  2. Just so you can separate the sheep from the goats, so to speak…

    Bring back QUEER French girls. Leggy ones, with great hair and motocycles.

  3. Andi, sorry, I’m in Texas now, and since my bank card was eaten I can’t afford to make a side trip to Louisiana for you, though I’m sure if I could I would be able to find at least one Queer French lass for you. Damn! Sorry. But I’ll buy you a beer some night, to make up for it. Or a bokbunja, or soju, or coffee, or whatever.

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