The Ban

So this is a post about Korea, which I usually file under “Gord’s Life” which I intend on splitting into other categories later. But anyway, the thing I’m writing about is political. As most Korean bloggers and fans know, the government has blocked access to a whole host of blogs, including blogger’s blogspot-hosted sites. Here’s an article about it.

This is illegal, yes. And ridiculous, yes.

Will most of the world ever notice?


Will the internet community notice?

If we make them. My google search as of a few minutes ago didn’t make the story just out at me, anyway.

Do you think we could get our friends to organize a googlebomb to get this brought high on the google list? It’d be beautiful if links to these stories came up on the top of the list when someone searched Korea, but I supposed that might be difficult to achieve; Korean + blog might not be so hard to organize, though.

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