Another workaround.

The MIC ban got you down? Unipeak sucks, doesn’t it?

Well, try this trick I got from Jae’s blog, My Resonating Life.

If you want to leave comments…

And if you live in Korea, then you could try using a proxy – it’s basically surfing around the Internet anonymously. Well, is great, but you just can’t leave comments…and all the links are displayed bad…well, that’s why I’m trying to teach you a trick. Spread this to people who’re tired of accessing their blogs using Thanks to Chris for teaching me the trick!

First, go here and pick a proxy off the list:
(the format is [IP address]:[port #])

Now go to IE. Tools -> Internet Options…

Click on the “Connections” tab. Then click “LAN Settings…”

Now check to enable using proxies. (“Use proxy server for … blahblah”)

Fill in the IP and port of the proxy that you chose. Click “OK” and you’re done! :)

Not all the proxies listed on the site will work. Some may be broken or really slow. So after you put in the proxy and you can’t visit any webpages anymore, then try another one. You might have to look for the ones that actually work, for a little while, if you’re unlucky. Well, it’s worth it, innit?

Also, don’t forget to uncheck the box to disable using proxies when you are done. Surfing through proxies can be kind of slow.

GRRRRRR, give in…because we’ll do whatever it takes, to…have access to all these sites anyway. Bloody MIC (Ministry of Information and Communication)…now, who’s smarter?! ;)

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