Korean Image Politics (thanks Oranckay)

Oranckay’s got a link up and I only wish I could read it.

From a feminist perspecive, a comparison of society’s reactions to the pictures of Yun Geum I and the middle school students Sim Mi Seon and Sin Hyo Sun (disturbing pics here and here), and the Kim Seon Il beheading video. The piece is in the feminist magazine Ilda.

Essentially, why is it okay to show very disturbing (they are, I felt sick seeing them) pictures of women killed by Americans, but it’s not okay to show images of a Korean killed by Iraqis?

Of course, it’s all politics and sexism. But it’s nice to see someone other than a crabby foreigner like myself saying so. I really, really wish I could read and comment on it.

Well, if you can read Korean, you should go give it a look!

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