A Brief Notice

I’m just about to get into the short job of packing for the week. I sure hope that there will be an internet connection and some kind of laundry facilities in the dormitory where I’ll be spending the next three work weeks, but in case there aren’t, I’m packing a bunch of clothes.

Tomorrow morning, I start work on the camp. I was informed, of course not at the meeting on Monday, but rather late on Friday, that I’ll be required to live on campus. From the meeting five days earlier, I was under the impression that this was optional, and so I went out and bought groceries figuring, logically, I wouldn’t have time to shop and cook during the busy camp period. Friday I was told I won’t even be able to go home overnight more than maybe once a week. A nice waste of food. I wish planning and decision making could get done earlier, but then my wasted time and money probably are irrelevant to whoever made this decision.

Anyway, I’m packing clothes, a few books, and my PC so that I will have something to do. I really need to get my essay for the contest being put on by The Economist and Shell Oil finished in the next week or two, and I’ll try get as much reading in as I can. At least the lead-up was good: I cooked a bunch of the food in my fridge and had Lime over for Lebanese dinner. Then we went and saw I, Robot. I had a lot of thoughts about that but I have a lot of packing to do as well, and since my clothing situation is more pressing than my movie-contemplations, I’ll just say it strays pretty far from Asimov, and was a little transparent to me. Maybe it’s a sign that SF is dumbed down for the average person when the tropes used are so recognizable that anyone who reads in the genre knows (generally) what’s going on after only twenty minutes or so. That and the ideology of the movie (both the luddism and the general politics), I’ll have a lot to say about. But that’s for later…

For now, this is just a heads-up that my posting habits may not be as regular as they usually are, for the next three weeks. I’ll probably fall out of touch with the blogs on my bloglines subscription, and likely I’ll also even lose track of world events for the next bit, at least until each weekend.

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