Shika Asked…

Someone named Shika asked me for info about the blog blockage and ways around it. I should mention that some of the blog blockage, if not all of it, is over. Let’s see:

Blogspot pages are loading.
Livejournal pages are loading. pages are loading.

I think the blog blockage is actually over. Of course, to quote a Chinese dissident I read somewhere once, “You know that when they ‘loosen up’ it only means they can ‘tighten-up’ again when it suits them…”

But for now, it doesn’t look like any blog blockage workaround tech is needed. Still, in case there is a next time, here’s what I know:

If you want to use an anonymous redirector, you can go to Unipeak, which lets you see blocked pages easily. However, if you wish to leave comments it’s a little more difficult. In that case, I recommend that you check out this post which will explain how to surf using a proxy.

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