Lime Pic, Camp Blather, and More

.jpgFor those interested, there’s a new pic of Lime over at imagisme. Well, sort of. Half a Lime, anyway. While I’m at camp, I can’t see her, and I miss her. She started her, well, I-don’t-know-what-it’s-called-ship over at the University hospital today. Not an intern, she’s third-year and doing observations and dealing a little with patients. Anyway, I managed to call her too late, and she was already sleeping. Which I should be doing by now.

The girls in my class here at camp have caught on to the idea of flattering me in the hope of getting extra stickers on their journal entries. Or maybe they really do think I am more handsome now that I’ve gotten myself a nice short haircut. I’d post a pic of myself but I don’t have the cable I’d need to transfer a pic onto my PC. But I’ll take some pics of the camp kids tomorrow, I think, and post the lot of it next time I get the cable. I’ll try get one of my poor long-suffering TA as well; she’s doing a good job and now putting up with the teasing of most of the Teachers on staff, who are accusing her of having affairs with all kinds of men and women, incuding most of the other Teaching Assistants. Jin Seon’s been a good assistant and I hope the rest of the camp goes smoothly for her.

Right, time for a late-night shower and sleep. Somehow, the net connection is working in my room, though I don’t expect it to continue to do so. I’m assuming it won’t be working by tomorrow morning, since on of the two ports crapped out after only ten minutes online. But here’s hoping… you never know, it may just hold out for the next couple of weeks. Or at least for this week…

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  1. Over here in the US it’s called a “residency,” I think — that period of medical school one spends in hospitals bouncing from department to department to learn the basics of various specialties.

  2. Nah, the actual residency comes later, after the fourth year exams and the fifth-year internship and licensing exam, I believe. This is some kind of other thing. The word Lime came up with was “clerkship”, which seems like the wrong word but that’s how whatever they call it in Korean translates. *shrug* It’s the same idea as what you describe for residency, except it’s earlier on in her program.

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