Hangeul display problems for no apparent reason…

Something weird is going on with my front page. I can post hangeul (in Korean, that is), and it looks messed up on the front page, but fine on the archive page for the individual post. I apologize for how things look on my front page. I’ll try figure it out this week, which will be a hell of a job as the language and charset settings are the same for both pages… but I’ll figure it out, I will.

And in case you don’t believe me, have a look at this:

내가 미국인 아니지!

should read, “naega migugin aniji!” in Hangeul. And if you look at the archive page, it’ll read exactly that.


5 thoughts on “Hangeul display problems for no apparent reason…

  1. For some reason when I change my encoding to Korean in my CMS interface and post, it comes out funny, but when I just post without setting the language settings, it’s okay. Which is weird because it used to be the other way around. Argh!

    But thanks! I didn’t know you guys were readers, and it’s flattering. Er… later!

  2. hi gord,
    check your doctype and language definition in the actual code of the pages.
    instead of :
    (main page)
    you might want an xml:lang definition instead (using xhtml in doctype) and have that in all your pages. you can probably change it in the templates.

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