Smallest Known Preemie a Medical Success Story

preemie_cp_6229709.jpgLime was born a few months premature as well, but I’ve never imagined a baby born this early could survive. How amazing! There’s an article at CBC for those who want to read more.

2 thoughts on “Smallest Known Preemie a Medical Success Story

  1. Dear Gord,

    I commend you for posting about this beautiful story and share your amazement. I’m also happy to learn that Lime is doing well and going on to medical school to help others.

    What really struck me about the photo was to remember that a babies that size are routinely aborted in a most terrible way (I don’t need to describe the methods to you).

    We’ve talked about this issue before on my blog, and we both how easy it is to get up in arms about it. I also know from our previous discussion that you are very careful, as I hope to be, to avoid angry or inflammatory words about this subject.

  2. It’s true. Well, you know how I feel. From our discussions on the issue, Lime and I both feel, actually, that using abortion as a form of contraception is repugnant. From what I’ve read it’s often damaging to the mother, physically and psychologically, and it’s also, I find, distasteful and, I don’t know, barbaric.

    However, I’d add to that fact the observation that if more people would get past issuing backwards injunctions against birth control then a lot fewer abortions would happen. It’s not as if the preaching of abstinence has ever worked for any large population of humans. Our physiology, psychology, and cultures all make that an impossible expectation; even with marriage provided as an approved context for sexuality, most humans don’t remain “chaste”.

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