Women Lynch Accused Rapist in India

A group of angry women lynched a man accused of rape as he was being escorted into a courthouse in the city of Nagpur in the central Indian State of Maharashtra.

Well, if they got the right guy, I can’t say I see any problem with this. Maybe it’ll cause the next guy to think twice before doing the same.

via Katolik Shinja.

5 thoughts on “Women Lynch Accused Rapist in India

  1. Look here for another report on the same event:

    [rparvaaz as login and password]

    The chap seems to be the right guy, he also seems to have had accomplices in the police. There is a mention of 47 rape complaints against him and not even one case was registered. And not just the women, the entire neighbourhood is convinced that they have the right guy.

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  2. Well, then I think they ought to torch the Police Station while they’re at it. Though police corruption isn’t rare from what I saw with you guys, that’s absolutely ridiculous.

    Is it getting much official attention from the government? Or is it just a springboard for partisan bollocks?

  3. We have floods, drought, inflation, all-nation trucker’s strike, the Indian team went out with a whimper from the Holland tri-series, the BCCI elections are around the corner, the Olympics is going on, so no, it isn’t getting a lot of attention from the government. Or from anyone else. There were a few articles about the danger of institutional irresponsiveness and vigilantism, but other than that, it is just one of the many things that happen here.

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