Is It Wicked?

Or even tired as hell. That’s how Lime was tonight, and I’m afraid I know quite well how she felt. I slept on a park bench while waiting for her to finish her work at the hospital. I think tomorrow night I shall make sure to sleep relatively early. But since tomorrow’s an 8:30 class, I’d best be getting to bed now, to get what sleep I can.

I just hope she wakes early tomorrow, as she’s got some presentations to do. As for me, during my free time, I’m going to go order some new sunglasses. The ones I left in the bathroom after changing my shiort for class this morning were taken. I think this is profoundly stupid, rude, and selfish of whoever took the glasses for himself, when there’s a perfectly good office at which to turn them in not fifteen paces from the bathroom door.

By the way: is it wicked to delight in the idea that whoever this jerk was who took my sunglasses, he probably won’t realize they’re prescription lenses and will suffer at least a headache or two before he figures it out? I think it’s the least he deserves for being so bloody dishonest. Ah, a black happiness for me. Wheeeeeee!

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