Practice Room Work

While I don’t like the fact that my Monday is chock full of holes (three one-hour classes, the first at 10:30am and the last running from 8:45-10:00pm), I do get a kick out of going to the practice room with a book of manuscript paper and chunking out chords until I’ve got a usable progression. I looked at something I attempted to write last year, and decided that, in fact, I was wrong to get angry when Seong Hwan claimed it was “a mistake”. What sounded like a sensible chord progression then suddenly sounded like a mess. But I could salvage the intro and with a little work I got the basis of a chorus/riff that I think works pretty well. We’ll see if anything comes of it, though. One never knows. Very dark, meditation-on-strange-feelings type of riff, and I have some weird lyrics running about my head to go with it, maybe.

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