My Song, Coming To a Cell Phone Near You

Okay, it’s probably more like “our song, coming to a cell phone somewhere which you’re unlikely to call…”, but hey, it’s my baby and I am a little pleased.

Apparently, SK (or is it KT? one of those big Korean telecom companies, anyway) has purchased the rights to provide users with a “Color Ring” using one of Dabang’s songs, “Deep End” which was penned by me. (See lyrics here.)

What’s a Color Ring? In Korea, telephone companies provide all kinds of services to users. One of them, among the many hundreds, is that for a small fee, you get to decide what people hear when they are calling you. That’s right, you can actually dictate whether they hear the standard “brrrring, brrrrrring” or something else altogether.

I found this out when Myoung Jae told me to call our bassist Seong Hwan’s phone. Instead of that normal sound that shows a calling going through, you know, the ringing sound, I heard the faint, worse-than-A.M.-radio-quality sound of that song playing back to me!

I know, probably only a few people will ever use that Color Ring, it’s true. But it’s nice to know, anyway, that something I wrote was as viable as that, and that our band has become at least well-known enough for this kind of interest… whatever it may signify.

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