Description Exercise

Another ESL teaching aid: A description exercise for use with lower-level students. This one’s for kids.

And here’s a template for a board game. You just need to write “Start” at one end and “Finish” at the other, and then fill the squares with whatever information you want students to get from, or tell to, their partners. You can use this in many ways: write a word and have students use the word in a sentence; write a requested piece of information that you want students to ask their partners for (“Father’s name”, for example), or write instructions for advanced classes, like, “Talk about your parents for one minute nonstop”, or “Find out whether your partner likes cheese without using the word ‘like’.”

Okay, the squares are a little small for that latter one, but since I’m not teaching any advanced classes right now, that doesn’t matter much to me.

One thought on “Description Exercise

  1. Gord, good idea, making your own game. I’ve done that before. Have you ever used Microsoft Publisher for making hand-outs and games for your classes? I encourage you to give it a try, you’ll find layout is so much easier than in Word.

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