Joy To The Gord

Well, yesterday I saw the doc at the hospital nearest my house and he told me the following: that what was wrong with me was I wasn’t sleeping or resting enough, that I put too much strain on myself, my immune system was in bad condition as a result, and the only cure is to rest carefully, not push myself, and try to sleep and eat well. I am eating well, I’m starting to sleep a lot better now, and the rest is just going to take time. The worst of my symptoms are passing and now it’s more just like a common cold. I’ve got an appointment next Friday to get a wisdom tooth out and I think that will help, too.

And tonight, we actually achieved something using Seong Hwan’s little digital recording device: we recorded all the tracks (but one, I think) for our band’s contribution to the Cavare Christmas album. We did Joy To The World, which was, did you know, written by Handel? The music, anyway. I was a little uncomfortable singing about “The Lord” but then, there are no decent atheist or secular Christmas songs, so a carol is, I suppose the only thing we could do. Well, it was the only thing left aside from my own suggestion, that we do Enter Santa, to the tune of Metallica’s Enter Sandman. Imagine that:

Through the night—
Reindeer flight!
Come with me…
Let’s go check the Christmas tree—!

Now, you wouldn’t call that “demented”, would you? I hardly think that’s fair.

Anyway, time to get some of that sleep thing I’m told I need. Tomorrow brings me to Seoul for a Cavare Anniversary Party Gig at Club Bbang, and I’m hauling a small selection of gear so I’ll even need some strength tomorrow. So I’ll leave the newly-signed-out library books and Pansori CDs off to the side, and slumber till I wake, and then make for the Nation’s Capital.

2 thoughts on “Joy To The Gord

  1. “there are no decent atheist or secular Christmas songs”

    Jeeze Gord, I wonder how come there are no atheist songs to celebrate the birth of Christ?


    You do need sleep!


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