Prescription and Pharmacist and A Weird Question

Does anyone know a reason why one would not eat pork or chicken while on basic, normal antibiotics? If anyone can explain this to me I would appreciate it.

I’ve been busy, so I’ve not posted much. I appreciate all the comments and emails in hopes of my recovery. I am feeling mostly better right now, but I am being dreadfully cautious about my energy, about sleep, about taxing myself. I am taking relaxation quite seriously these days.

Yesterday I visited the doctor and I wanted to highlight the fact that it was an excellent experience. The doc, despite his very limited English and my very limited Korean, worked hard to make sure that (a) I understood what my condition does entail; (b) that I understand what my condition doesn’t entail; and finally, (c) to make sure I had enough antibiotics to definitely take a full course. I have two weeks’ worth of prescription now, and I am happy about that.

I’m a little confused in that the pharmacist told me I’m not allowed to eat pork or chicken while on these drugs. He neglected to mention milk, though he did say yes, milk and alcohol are banned as well. Milk and alcohol I’ve heard of before, but I’ve never heard of someone not being allowed pork or chicken while on a given kind of antibiotic. I asked Lime to check it out, as she too has never heard of such a thing. (And googling turns up nothing too.)

Anyway, I’m doing okay, just trying to control how much energy I expend doing what, and trying to manage my time better. This Friday afternoon I am to have my left bottom wisdom tooth removed, though, and I am buckling down for a very hard weekend and a painful few weeks. We’ll see how it goes.

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  1. because factory farmed pigs and chickens are so dosed up with antibiotics to keep disease from spreading that when the meat lands on your table (if the producer has been ignoring certain rules) it has enough trace to cocktail your antibiotic with the ones our four legged recently ‘slaktad’ friends antibiotics.
    or so i’ve heard…

  2. Huh, but I don’t think it’s common thought among doctors, is it? Well, I got a message from Lime today on my phone; the eloquent SMS read as follows:

    no pork no chicken is bullshit!! I found it, but no alcohol! bye~

    Maybe its just health-foodies who (perhaps correctly) claim otherwise? I dunno. But I did think it was weird given that the chickens here seem to me to be pretty small, and I think less antibiotic-choked than the birds back home. Besides which, why not “no beef?” Doesn’t make sense to me. But, ah well, my dinner tonight was pork and roast duck. What can one do when food is placed before one? Certainly not refuse it.

  3. It turns out Lime went and asked at the pharmacy, curious about the reasoning for the ban on chicken and pork.

    She was told that the operating theory is this: Chicken and Pork contain “heat” of some mystical kind that people talk about when they’re talking about Oriental, er, “Medicine”. The chicken and pork supposedly could cause some kind of fever because of this “heat” which chicken and pork supposedly “contain”.


    I know nothing of the mystical or magical properties of the chi of pigs and poultry, but I do know I don’t buy oriental medical theory enough to go off those staple foods for the next two weeks.

    Amusingly, Lime had her doctor’s coat (which as an intern she must bring to the hospital) and the pharmacist on duty seemed a little embarrassed. So she must know it’s at least questionable theory that was used to tell me how to take my modern, scientifically-approved medications.

    And strangely enough, the pharmacist on-duty asked if this was about my prescription; she asked Lime specifically, “Is Gord Sellar your boyfriend? And Are you a doctor?” That’s a little odd, and makes me wonder why she remembered me at all.

  4. probably with naturally attuned crystals – natures cooking thermometer – it’s just science of a different kind – no, really…

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