And they’re off…

Yes, it’s test week. Students are scurrying like little frightened mice, conversational English professors have that, “Uh, I heard this conversation ten times today already!”, and the whole campus is abuzz with a strange energy.

Speaking of strange energies: a nice young girl student asked me out twice today, and didn’t seem to take the hint right away when I talked about my girlfriend at length, and when I told her that no, I couldn’t go to the movies with her. However, a little later she said she might go and see the suggested movie with her friends instead. I’m hoping the message gets through in the coming week, so that she’s not waiting for me when I get to the English Cafe. She’s a nice kid, but I tried to make it clear that I am with Lime, serious about her, and not interested in anyone else.

Ah well… today I’ll have a nice break during which I can go home and relax. I’ll get some writing done, I hope, before tonight’s exam, which begins an hour early. Hey, maybe I’ll even be home in time to cook something nice!

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