Isn’t It A Medieval Writing Technique to Say, I’m Not Going To Talk About, and Then List Off in Brief All The Things You’re Going To Talk About? That’s Something I Recall From My Class on Chaucer and His Contemporaries

As a few people said lately, when it rains, it pours.

I have so many things I’d like to blog about:

  • a wonderful evening I spent with Lime over in Insadong (a couple of weeks ago, a post that will be complete with photos of some really cool things);
  • the fact that it was recently my sister’s birthday and we had a good talk;
  • the crazy novel ideas that have come to me in the last couple of days—I literally have enough creative ideas to be writing for two or more years solid, and that would be if I was not working a job alongside writing time;
  • the strangeness of yet another invitation on a date, and the response I gave which not only made the point but also amused to no end the woman who asked me out (it’s not the first time she’s done so);
  • the wonderful and horrible music I’ve been listening to, like Atari Teenage Riot and Primus and this wild TaePyeongSo ensemble whose CD I borrowed from the library;
  • about the movies I’ve seen lately, including Paycheck (why can’t they just leave Philip K. Dick alone?) and The Frighteners (I was reminded of the latter by Myoung Jae one day and have had a hankering to see it since then);
  • progress on my ghost story;
  • strange goings-on in the office, including promises from the University President of all kinds of new goodies in the office;
  • an update on my health as of right now;
  • recent online kindness from Blinger;
  • more thoughts on newfangled pedagogy in a rote-learning conditioned student environment (which I’m increasingly convinced is what most of education in Korea, including higher education, is like);
  • and a very pretty (as far as I can tell) post Lime wrote about a trip we made to a local restaurant which I only half understand but am arrogant enough to assume I understood the important parts… enough to understand at least that it’s actually about more than just a trip to a restaurant, but about our relationship and her feelings and… er, other stuff I don’t quite have the vocabulary to parse.

But you see, it’s 12:40-something and I need my sleep. So I won’t post about any of that. At least, not today.

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