On Iraq

As Ritu, who posted these links, said, nothing is new about this stuff except the sources.

Here are over seven hundred scholars of international relations, history, foreign policy, and security who want you know how badly the Bush Administration screwed up on this Iraq thing.

And here is an article on soldiers objecting to the war, including many who have been there. Interestingly, one of them reports that his commanding officer said, on his arrival in Kuwait in 2003,

Youre not going to make Iraq safe for democracy,?the sergeant said. You are going for one reason alone: oil. But youre still going to go, because you signed a contract. And youre going to go to bring your friends home.?/blockquote>If even commanding officers are telling their men this war is about oil, and not democracy, why is the American people supposed to believe otherwise? Did you know that more than half of the families of soldiers in Iraq think the grounds on which the war was started are insufficient? I mean, there were never even any WMDs, and everyone knew that from the start.

Bastards, these politicians who bathe in others blood… and the idiots in the public, the voters who blindly, greedily, for the sake of ideology, or whysoever, support and aid them in their foul deeds.

Bush was the one who started brandishing the word evil, so I don’t feel unjustified in saying simply and clearly that the war itself is an evil. It is an evil thing. It is the evil thing of the year, of the decade. It outweighs 9/11 in wickedness. The death toll has been much higher, and the nation of Iraq, its people, have suffered much longer and worse. I don’t know how anyone in the White House sleeps at night, if they believe in the reality of sin. Because deep in their hearts, they suspect, and will perhaps someday know, how gravely they have sinned against humanity, decency, and all the things they claim to stand for.

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