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Well, I’ve done it. I finally migrated to the new Movable Type, and I’m quite happy about the layout and all. I haven’t checked out the new features, but I do think it’s a good piece of work. And I can even sort-of understand it not being free anymore, though I do think it’s a bit hard on users to demand no more than 3 blogs and one author for any one installation.

Especially now that Bush is in, I have plans to go ahead with a new website, one that will use multiple-authors (as many as possible) and will need to use a CMS (Content Management System). But I don’t know which one to implement. Maybe I could use WordPress, but to me it seems like a lot of work to set up. Then again, I suppose the method would be less like a personal blog, and I also guess the approach would be more like a pro news portal, so I’d only have to set up the whole thing once, and from then on it’d just be maintenance.

And it is a killer idea, worthy of sinking a few weeks of my next free holiday into, if I can pull it off. We’ll have to see.

In any case, any of the nitpicky little problems I had with comment spam seem to have disappeared. Humorously enough, they disappeared with my MT Upgrade, not with my new upgrade of MT-Blacklist. I really don’t understand that. I wish, though, that a solution this simple were available for the New Sophists’ Almanac website. To which, by the way, I am planning to post soon.

4 thoughts on “The New MT

  1. I’ve been happy with Expression Engine, which permits you to have as many authors as you like. You can have as many blogs as you like, too. I know you’re not thinking of it in just this way, but my site is currently composed of three blogs, and I hope to add at least one more.

    But if I wanted more completely separate blogs, I could do that, too.

    Expression Engine also has an MT import utility.

  2. Hmm…. I’ll look into Expression Engine and see how steep the Learning Curve is. One thing I think is that the site could potentially become popular (yes, actually) and I would want to have the tools available to prevent spam and so on. Though, now that I think of it, I suppose there would be no comments, or moderated comments in a single feedback spot on the site… Still, having all kinds of things available for use when I decide I want them would be nice. I’ll check into it, and read a few different reviews of different systems.

    I must say I am still pretty happy about this new MT installation.

  3. Alright, Rob, if I decide to use WP I’ll enlist you as the person I ask for help when I need it—though I’m afraid I may need a lot, because my knowledge of php is less than nothing.

    Thanks, Rob!

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