How little things come to one…

I don’t know why, but lines for writing often come to me in the shower. I don’t sing, I think about characters and how they might speak. Here’s today’s little absurdity:

“Goddamn it, man! I feel like a hematologist practicing in a bloody Seventh-Day-Adventist’s Colony! town full of Jehhova’s Witnesses!

Note sure I can use that, but ah well…

EDIT: Saturday, 6 November 2004: Ooops on the wrong denomination. Thanks to Kangmi on the correction, though on the point about “colonies”, being an SF writer I can say (with the freedom of artistic license) that everyone has colonies in one of my imagined futures. I was thinking of this poor guy some space colony when I came up with it.

Okay, not. I was actually thinking of a ghost in a community of unlike-minded ghosts, but it won’t work in that context — the ghost I have in mind has been dead far too long to talk that way. But I will probably find somewhere to use it.

Another phrase I will have to use someday is this: “Cute Direction Sensation!” One day Lime was talking about her “good direction sense” but she said “nice” instead. “I have nice direction sense,” which is a common Korean mistake in English. Somehow after some joking around that morphed into “Cute Direction Sensation”, which I said would be the perfect name for a Korean version of The Spice Girls. That MUST show up in some SF thing I’ll write someday, though they might be Japanese or Taiwanese or something when it comes down to the story. Can’t writer everything about Korea, after all. Japan may work for William Gibson, but I’m skeptical Korea can be the same for me.

3 thoughts on “How little things come to one…

  1. You may, perhaps, be thinking of Jehovah’s Witnesses, whose members never undergo blood transfusions.

    Seventh-day Adventists have no such prohibition (for that matter, they don’t have colonies, either, but they are often know to occur in greater density around their own institutions).

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