Spammers Hitting Me Like Mad

Well, thank goodness I got the new version of MT installed, along with the new version of MT-Blacklist, which is working fine.

The last week, some comment spammer out there has decided to do his (face facts, it’s very likely a guy) best to spam the living hell out of blog. I have been hit several hundreds of times a night, and usually about a hundred spam comments get through the filters. Which means about fifteen minutes of cleaning up, each and every day. It’s a bit of a chore, but I am hoping that eventually, the baddies will be blocked not just from here but from all blogs using MT-Blacklist, due to the way that comment spam addresses are being reported to the MT-Blacklist comment spam clearing house.

Anyway, it’d be nice to do other things with that time, but for now I’m resigned to doing my bit to fight comment spam.

3 thoughts on “Spammers Hitting Me Like Mad

  1. You turned the comments off on the post that links to me…so I hope you don’t mind if I add it here instead. The linkup does vary in size depending on two main factors: what people are writing and how much time I have. I’m alos making more of an effort to edit it down to make the links more valuable, as I think if there’s too much it just becomes a blur.

  2. That’s cool. Not complaining about your column, which is still great. I just noticed it was shorter these days. I really to try to post something other than my personal blather these days.

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