I’ve Joined Up!!!

Blinger’s started up a blog for foreigners learning or working on their Korean. It’s for posting about learning, for practicing writing in Korean, and so on. Unlike Kangmi’s blog, which is a kind of personal-self-study log, this is a kind of community effort with multiple posters signed up.

I’m sure I shall be the worst poster, and perhaps (with my writing projects) the most infrequent, but I shall try do a regular post and get a few new words and points in each time. I am studying a lot nowadays, not as much as Blinger, but more than I was. Which is cool. I’m still focusing my energies on reading and writing but I’m going to try get my Korean up too, slowly.

And it’s open for you to sign up to, too. If you’re working on your Korean and want somewhere where you are welcome to post in Korean, please do come by and sign up.

Er, I would write this in Korean but apparently I should already be halfway across town, so… er, later.

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