All Spammers Must Die

I hate comment spammers. I really do think they all need to be taken off onto some desert island, if not dropped into the ocean. They’re basically taking the best positive invention of the 20th century, and coating it in feces.

Okay, it’s a little personal at this point. There was so much comment spam being directed at my site last night that I lost all access to my installation of MT. I knew there was a spam problem, but I didn’t quite know how to fix it, and I was too busy to do any real research into it.

Well, now I am trying to fix the problem. I’ve installed one plugin already, and the other is on the way. But you may notice that commenting isn’t working on this site for the next few days. The comment module is going to be disappearing from the individual index, and you won’t be able to comment on anything older than a week old. I hate having to do that, but it’s the only way I can keep the spam off. Too damned bad, but it’s the best I can do.

If you do run across anything for which you cannot submit a comment, but want to tell me your thoughts, well, there’s always email.

And if this keeps up, I’ll just turn off comments, at least till I’m able to get onto a server that allows cron jobs and thus allows me to use the more sophisticated plugins that handle this crap.

But you know, the long term answer is harsh-as-fuck punishments for spammers, including dropping a few of the bastards into the ocean.

2 thoughts on “All Spammers Must Die

  1. I had to turn off comments for anything but the index-page posts a while back. I still need to upgrade the MT installation and seek out the right plugins etc., but that’s work and I’m too lazy right now.

    As for spammers: napalm enemas. Painful and hygenic.

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