A Quiet Saturday

That’s exactly what was called for today, and the only real interruption was a trip to school to participate in a preparatory meeting for the winter camp I’m working at in January.

Lime’s been sick and just kind of sleeping all day, and while sometimes it’s nice to curl up with her, I can’t pass a whole day sleeping, especially when I’m not really feeling too sick anymore.

So what have I done? I’ve found something on which to spend my over-overtime made teaching at a high school last semester. It was a killer-bad knot in my schedule and I want to reward myself for sticking with it. I am sure that I shouldn’t be considering this—I would warn any friend of mine never to buy a horn off ebay, really—but having discovered the fact that bari saxes are running around $9000-$10,000 up in Seoul, I feel like, at worst, if I don’t like the horn, I could sell it to a shop in Seoul at a slight profit (say, a few thousand dollars US) and try again.

I’ve also been looking into the price of DVD-rewrite drives, but it’s hard to know what they’ll cost here. Laptop stuff seems generally more expensive, so I’ve asked a trusted Korean computer-guy known to a friend of mine, and he’d going to get back to me tonight. It’s be nice to condense my CD-ROM collection sixfold, which is what I would do if I had a DVD-ROM burner.

And since my hard drive is nice and empty now, I’m once again downloading media. I’ve decided to do most of my downloading at school, since I can get a lot of stuff very quickly that way, and not tie up the PC I’m using for my main connection. This is only possible because I managed to get a new-ish PC at work, somehow. The University just kind of gave me (and a couple of other people) one, one day, suddenly.

Well, if the D drive on my work PC gets full, Emule will just shut down, as opposed to my computer, where there’s only one partition on the drive for data storage, and if it gets too full the PC is messed up. In addition, with a store of TV programs downloaded there, I have something to pass the time between classes, and I can copy anything I want to bring home onto my iAudioM3 music player, which doubles as a huge memory stick. This setup is therefore good, giving me all of the functionality of an extra PC at home, without the added price, PLUS the ability to do my work at work on a PC that isn’t dino-slow.

Anyway, it’s now dark—the sun’s goign down at about 4:50 or 5:00pm these days—and Lime’s stirring so I should end this. Quiet, quiet, quiet.

2 thoughts on “A Quiet Saturday

  1. I’ve seen 4x DVD burners for 150,000 won at Yongsan. Personally I want to wait until you can get a 24x burnter as I do not want to wait for 2 hours or however long it will take to burn 4gb at 4x speed…

  2. Yeah, this guy is recommending an external burner. I’m leery about it, but still considering it. I’d prefer an internal burner, but have a bad feeling about the potential price. Hmmm.

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