• I received the W25,000 ($25 CDN) used bookcase that I bought last night. Delivery was free. I spent a few hours this evening rearranging stuff from the one jammed-full bookcase and the floorspace surrounding it, to the second bookcase. I have a feeling that I am correct that using a second bookshelf to store my stuff will make cleaning house regularly less of a chore… because there will be less to pick up from the floor and move when I want to sweep and mop.
  • I rediscovered what it’s like to have a drawer for “stuff”. Until recently, I’ve had some clothes drawers, and a kitchen-utensils drawer, but never a drawer for random bits and pieces of audio equipment, papers, and other assorted oddments. There are two such drawers on the bottom of my new bookcase and I love them to pieces already.
  • I tidied up my computer desk and discovered that my speakers have a headphone jack hidden on the side. I had never seen this before today.
  • I had dinner at the local diner, only to find that the woman who is usually running the place was absent. But in her stead, a woman prepared a wonderful dinner for me, with more (and better!) side dishes than usual; the only oddity was that she cautiously asked me if I could eat spicy food, which is silly since I ordered one of the spiciest things on the menu. Ah well, it was good, anyhow.
  • I saw a man about a dog. No, wait, I saw a man about a DVD-burner. He highly recommends an external burner, but he’s not sure that my notebook will support it. If not, I am considering buying a new, cheapola desktop PC that would support such a thing. Needless to say, I have given up completely on the idea of buying a saxophone this year. Perhaps if winter camps continue and I work the next few, then on the fourth one I shall splurge and buy a new baritone sax… if I have managed to save a sensible amount of money on the way. But as for now, I think the money would be better spent either upgrading my notebook as much as possible, or getting a new PC. After all, it’s been 3 years that I’ve been using this notebook, and it’s served me well; not bad for $1200 CDN. I shouldn’t feel bad considering a new PC at this point, I think, because I spend so much time everyday using a computer, after all.
  • I read a great deal of a novel that a friend sent me, a complete draft of a young-adult novel about a Chinese-Canadian high school boy who is discovering, to his surprise, his, er… his gay side. I think. So far that’s what the story is shaping up to be, anyway. I wonder if Helen’s still looking for suggestions on this thing. I also reread my friend Jack’s manuscript Panography and was struck again at how well-written and tight the verse in it is. Ah, I only wish I could do that.
  • I realized that it really sucks to undergo menses. It really, really sucks to be feeling menstrual cramps while watching a surgeon perform a hysterectomy. This is something most men would never actually think of.
  • I watched an episode of the TV show 24, the first season. I am not surprised the series was such a hit, considering how tense and well-drawn the plot is. It’s an intense show.
  • I discovered, among the “free comic books” I got on “Free Comic Book Day” in Austin, that one of the manga booklets contained something labeled XXXmania. I was planning on donating the English-language comic books I’d brought to the English Cafe, but I’m not so sure this one will be appropriate. Or, at least, I’m not so sure I want to be the one leaving it; even if there’s nothing, er, XXX about it, I may not leave it at the cafe. Hmmm.
  • I started working on some of the image uploads I am going to put online. The job’s not finished yet, but I’ll post an announcement here when they’re all up.
  • I responded to a comment on NSA with a rather long comment about one criticism about my argument about the origins of human moral codes.

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