Pictures! Go Look!

Yes, I finally got up the last batch of pictures from the last few months up over at my photogblog, imagisme. Whew!

These pictures include all kinds of things, such as:

  • the last gig I played as a member of Dabang Band (no pics of us, just the other bands), filed under Bandmates and Music Stuff
  • photos from daily life around Jeonju, filed under Jeonju City
  • photos from my workplace, which are filed under Office Life
  • photos from a trip Lime and I made to check out the autumn leaves at KyeongCheon Mountain, filed under Autumn 2004
  • some new pics of me, filed under Me Me Me!!!
  • photos of some more random funny things I’ve run across, filed under Weird
  • photos from a trip I took with Lime to Seoul, filed under Seoul
  • photos from my friend Youn Ja’s wedding, filed under Young Ja’s Wedding
  • photos of John and his cat, as well as a few shots of the Russian district of Busan, while I filed under Visiting John in Kyeongju

Some of those archive pages contain older pics as well as newer ones. If you’re interested in only seeing newer pics, I recommending using the monthly archive page for December.

And yes, all of this is to say I’ve been quite busy running around the country. I haven’t written anything about my trip out to see John yet, but I will say it was a great visit. And it was really good to talk with him again. Seeing him again, I realize how much I miss him here in Jeonju. He’s an excellent host, and that man can cook better than anyone I know. He made some wonderful food, including cajun food and chicken burritos and all kinds of things. Ah, yeah, and among the movies we watched were two big surprises: he showed me a film he made back in his undergrad days, called Cowpokey, which was pretty funny, mainly because finally I could put a face to some of the names I’ve heard him mention over the years. And second, we watched Jaws, at his insistence. He was right, it’s not a bad film, until you actually see the stupid fake shark on the boat and all. We also watched Vernon, Florida, which John enjoyed so much that he borrowed it to show to David Faust. I think that movie is either perfect or boring depending on your company in watching it. When you’re watching it with someone who gets it, it’s wonderful. Alone, I’ve found it a little less hilarious. Ah well. It’s time for me to get off the computer, have some juice, and make my way over to the pool for a swim.

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