Last Night of Camp

Tonight’s the last night of camp. It’s a good thing, too, because I am exhausted. I was late marking the kids’ last journal entries from Wednesday, so arrived late at the cafeteria to discover crap on the menu, and so I ended up walking down to the front for food, missing out on coffee, and lifting a few chairs only to discover that my little bit of back pain has been expanding to a lot of back pain. It hurts when I stand. It hurts when I sit. I’m going to try lying down for a little while and see if that helps.

But I can’t lie down for too long, because I need to go help set up for the dance. Ah well… a nice shower and some sleep and maybe tomorrow I’ll feel all better. The only thing that awaits tomorrow is a ceremony to say bye to the kids, and then a trip home. Packing up tonight probably won’t be fun, but ah well, whatever.

One more thing: among those diaries I marked was a little letter to me, from the class president. It was a deadly serious, heartfelt confession of sadness about the end of the camp, and a plea that I reply to her email if she should send me one. Of course, I told her I would.

And of course, I will. Last time around, one kid took to emailing me and I replied faithfully until, well, one day I got too busy to do it, and then I just never got around to it. That happens, doesn’t it, sometimes, in correspondences. Ah well… I’ll try keeping this one going a while longer, should it start up at all.

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