Bye Bye Wisdom Tooth

Although there was no video game in the office to calm me before the procedure, my tooth was just extracted. However, Lime was there and it did help calm my (admittedly minor) jitters.

I feel fine, I didn’t even know the tooth was out till I saw the dentist go in with the curved needle to stitch up the gum. (And he wouldn’t have showed me the tooth if I hadn’t asked to see it. He’d already disposed of it and had to tweezer it out of the bio-waste cup on his tray for me to have a look.) No pain, no feeling at all. Of course, I may be saying something else tonight, when the anaesthetic the dentist injected wears off and I’m relying on ingested analgesics to save me from the pain, but I have a feeling it’s gonna be fine. Getting the stitches out next week, and no wine till Friday. I’m excited, though, and wish I could go swimming right away.

Probably a bad idea. I’ll hold off, but I am pleased, nonetheless. This damned tooth got infected so many times, caused so many damned complications and other infections, that I’m overjoyed to see it go. And yes, I was given an ice-pack to hold on the cheek, which is being held on by a scarf till I finish typing this. I’m gonna watch some of these TV shows and movies I downloaded, I think, and if the pain doesn’t kick in, maybe work on my story a little. Lime beat a hasty retreat, so I’ve only myself to entertain for tonight. Hmm. Probably a good thing, since if she were here I’d be talking, which is a no-no. I’m not supposed to talk for a while. Can you imagine me following that set of doctor’s orders? Ah well, being alone, I won’t talk.

In any case, I survived the procedure. Good bye 사랑니—love-tooth, as the wisdom tooth is called in Korean.

2 thoughts on “Bye Bye Wisdom Tooth

  1. It’s nice to hear a good dentist story. I won’t even tell you about my dental horror story when I was 17 – let’s just say it involved 4 nights in a hospital.

    Just because the 사랑니 is gone, doesn’t mean there is no love for the gf…

    BTW, there is no comment entry link from your individual archive page.

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