Possibly Impending Blip

Hey everyone. If I go quiet for a few days or a week or something, don’t be surprised. While you are going about your daily life, working in offices or classrooms or clinics or whatever, dancing in nightclubs, sipping beer in front of the TV, and whatever else you do in your lives, I’ll probably be lying down on the floor, on my sleeping mat, curled up in pain and whimpering as the last hit of analgesics wears off and the next one slowly begins taking effect.

That’s right, I’m going to see the dentist today about getting my wisdom teeth out. He may not do it today, mind you, since I don’t have an appointment, but in any case it’s coming soon, so if I am quiet here, don’t be surprised or alarmed. Well, unless I’m quiet for a month or two, in which case the dentist pulled out my tongue and killed me or something.

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