Oil Peasants of the World, Unite?

From BBC World News: Protesters hold Nigeria oil plant.

Hundreds of men and women have invaded an oil installation operated by Chevron Texaco in Nigeria’s Delta region.

The protesters from Ugborodo village said the company had failed to deliver promises for community development.

Several people were injured during the brief occupation of the Escravos plant, the regional army commander said – but could not confirm reports of deaths.

Village elders, company officials and state representatives have been meeting in Warri town to resolve the dispute.

ChevronTexaco say they do not know why the villagers were demonstrating.

But there has been a long standing dispute in the area, with local people claiming that the company has failed to honour of promises of community development which it made following the 2002 occupation.

I can’t say I feel bad for Texaco at all. If there was oil in your country’s land, under your very village, and you were living like a pauper, what would you do?

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