Japan’s Crackdown, and The Dark Secret

It seems Korean’s not the only East Asian country cracking down on the sex trade: Japan is now conducting a crackdown on the trafficking of sex-slaves. Heartening news, especially considering it seems to have been motivated not by what I imagine to be an influx of young Korean women who left Korea because of the crackdown here, but rather by the US having placed Japan on a watchlist for its human trafficking problem.

Meanwhile, the Japanese have expressed shock of the possibly raunchy life of the former first lady.

Hmmm. Juxtaposition, anyone? I do think it’s ridiculous to say that

Lurid photos of a woman said to be a former prime minister’s wife in the throes of ecstasy while being suckled by a young political secretary could destroy global trust in Japan, according to Shukan Taishu.

The world’s opinion of the USA changed little when the head of state was demonstrated to have had an affair with an intern, after all. I think much of the world will not care, but I suspect that in East Asia one must make a show of shame when one disapproves if one hopes one’s castigation to be popularly effective.

UPDATE: I thought excessively short skirts in winter was an insanity limited only to Korea. Turns out I was wrong.

One thought on “Japan’s Crackdown, and The Dark Secret

  1. In a country where you can buy “schoolgirl panties” in vending machines what she may have done hardly seems out-of-step with what some male politicians and businessmen are doing. Just when I think I’ve figured a little of Japanese culture out, it takes another odd twist and turn leaving me confused. Weird.

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