Nerd? Me?

Here’s a snippet from a phone conversation I had in the taxi home tonight:

Me: What are you doing, honey?
Lime: E.R. DVD 보고 있어요. (I’m watching a DVD of [the TV show] E.R.)

Me: I just want to warn you, honey. I hope you’re not planning on me for Dr. Green.
Lime: Actually, Dr. Green reminds you of… remind me of…
Me: I remind you of Dr. Green?
Lime: Yes, he reminds me of… Dr. Green reminds me of you.
Me: Uh-huh… why?
Lime: He’s a nerd.

Ah well, since it’s coming from an even bigger nerd than me, I’ll take it as a high compliment. School starts for her in less than a week, poor woman.

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