Promoted, A Few Days Early


Well, I can’t complain, really. I got an email today saying that after all, there won’t be promotional interviews. The interviews were waivered, and all current staff members were awarded the promotion. This is not extremely surprising, given that all our schedules were made ahead of time, and that the interviews were slated for only a few days before the beginning of the semester. Still, it’s nice news. I bought a suit so I’d have something to wear, but hey, I can’t complain too much about having a nice new suit on hand, even if I don’t wear such things often. I do get invited to at least one or two weddings a year, anyway. Heh.

So now, all I have is a seminar this weekend, to help teachers prepare for the new curriculum, and then the semester starts. If the schedules stay the same as we made them back in January, it’ll be like this: I start late on Monday afternoon, and I will finish late on Thursday afternoon. Monday mornings and all of Friday off, and for this they pay me better. Promotions a good thing.

The catch? Well, the program’s getting diversified, so I’ll have to do some more prep work for some of the courses I’ll be teaching. Right now, I think I’ll have three different books and courses on my plate, but unlike the last two semesters, I won’t be teaching writing this time around. I was getting burned out teaching writing to big classes and decided to go with a video-English course for one semester, and see what others have to say about the new freshman writing courses. Seeing that it’s going to be offered to any students, instead of just advanced students majorig in languages, I have a feeling the writing courses are going to be pretty different from what I was teaching.

Anyway, this good news coming in on the tail of my having finished the second draft of my novel is really quite salutary. I’m pleased.

Oh, and because Jeonbuk University just graduated some students from a program that was supposed to teach them how to teach Korean to foreigners, Lime asked me if I would like her to find one to teach me. There’s apparently one very competent-sounding woman who’s offered to teach me, and we’re looking into the details. I may actually start taking lessons this semester and see how they help me in my acquisition of Korean. Good news all around.

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