A New Experiment

I’ve decided to do something a little different for a month or two, with my digital camera. I’ve decided to always take pictures on the manual setting, and with the color set to “Black-and-White”. I figure this is as good a way to learn about composition and about how to use light and shadow as any method. If nothing else, it will be a change in the kinds of pictures I take, and will make me a better photographer, so that if I ever do get around to using better equipment, I’ll have some inkling of how to use it efficiently.

If you would like to see more photos like the ones above, please check my photo blog. I’m thinking about switching to a flickr account, and having a stream from there, but it’ll cost a little money and for now I’m too lazy to set one up.

One caveat: the sizing on these photos is such that it looks a little choppy in the display it’s on. I’ll have to recheck the sizing and resize the photos so they display well in the photoblog, but for now, to see the picture properly, please click on the link in the archive and see the bigger image file.

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