Technological Erasure of The Idea Of The Fugitive

Quixotic Kitten‘s page has a report about some sick pedophile bastard in Britain who had a blog. What he did was a horror and I think straight out castration is a good thing to consider. Maybe chopping off his hands, too. Or exile to an ice floe. Or put him in prison and announce what he did… he wouldn’t last long.

Which is vicious, I know. He’s a human being, right? But… I don’t think all human life is sacred. I’m beginning to think some human life is unholy, and not to be respected.

Ah well. Far more fascinating is the fact that sooner or later, the future that’s hinted at in this posting’s existence will arrive. Sooner or later, people are going to be able to post pictures of criminals on the run, and cameras are going to pick up their face in this or that area, identify them, feed them into a networked database… sooner or later, people will find it extremely difficult to remain a fugutive in their own country, or perhaps even abroad. I suspect someday, the word “fugitive” will seem archaic.

Of course, facelifts could be used. But the observation technology could get more invasive, demanding blood or skin samples. I do think that someday, if we don’t get out into space (and even once we’re out there, colonizing our solar system, as long as government is earth-centered), people will have to look up the word “fugitive” in a dictionary when they run across it in old texts.

(original link via Weird is Relative, where you can also find a link to see pretty pics of snowflakes)

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