Lime’s Published!

Last night, when I met Lime for dinner, she presented me with a book. Now, it’s a book in Korean, and you may not be able to guess why I was so proud of her when she gave it to me.

The reason is, the book extensively quotes her writings. See, when she was living in Canada on a Working Holiday Visa, she—a webgeek of enormous proportions, almost as much of a webgeek as I am—wrote a lot about it, online. There’s a daum cafe out there somewhere that has a huge log of her writing on the subject of living in Canada, how to survive, how to get the most of out a Working Holiday Visa trip to Canada, and so on. I don’t have the link since, after all, I can’t read it.

But anyway, this guy named 고석진 (Seok-Jin Ko) put together a guide
book_200.jpg on the very same subject, and wrote a fair bit about living in Canada on a Working Holiday Visa. The title of the book is something like “How To Travel to Canada with only 1.5 million won”, which is something like, “How to Travel to Canada on only $1500”. I don’t know if this is the minimum savings required for a student going to Canada on this kind of visa, but anyway…

Well, Lime’s extensively quoted in the book. Of course, since it’s not “her” book, and she was paid in the normal way a contributor is paid, in copies of the book. But since the book was, Lime suspects, a kind of semi-independent publication, this is not too surprising, and somewhat understandable. After all, the original writings were made available freely online (and were used with permission), and we’re talking quotations, here, some of them lengthy, but on the whole not not the majority of the text. I imagine the idea of the book was just to collect the most useful advice in one place for young people going to Canada, and likely going abroad for the first time.

In any case, she’s quite pleased with seeing her writing in print, and I am proud of her. If you’d like to have a look at the book’s home page (in Korean), go here. There’s not much to see, unless you can read Korean, though.

If you happen to pick up the book, you won’t know which author is her, by the way, since everyone’s online pseudonyms are used. But I’ll give you a hint: when I saw the name, the Church Latin word Terce ran through my head.

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