An Unexpected Good Poem

Sometimes, in this kind of dark
winter evening, or is it spring,
a name passes through my mind, or
another name, of people I barely knew
and do not know now, and then I look
for them, and find the strangest things.

That’s what happened tonight, as I waited for my friend Heather to get home so we could go somewhere nearby for dinner. The name of a guy I went to grad school with came through my mind. He wasn’t someone I was close to, wasn’t someone I got along with very well, and I probably wouldn’t go too far out of my way to see him, but his name did pass through my mind, and I wondered whether he’d gotten anywhere with his writing. While most successful writers spend their time doing something other that puttering about online—I swear there’s a lesson for me in that—most young people I know who are making a place for themselves in writing can be tripped up by an online search: my friends Jack, Helen, and Medrie all come up, for example.

Well, there is a well-known poet named David Wright but that’s not who I was looking for. Ah, here’s the David I knew: studying Ezra Pound at McGill University. Studying alongside at least one other ex-Concordia classmate, Erin Vollick… Seems he’s using the N. initial in his name, probably because someone else is going by the initial-less form. Actually, I remember when he was going by dnwright, which was a little too net/cummings for me, but anyway… there he is, at McGill, studying Pound.

Hey, along the way, I found a worthwhile poem by that other David Wright, called Poems Should Not Be. Of all the links you should follow in this post, this is definitely the first.

One thought on “An Unexpected Good Poem

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