Give Me a Hug and a Kiss…

Or some money, at least!

Why? Because it’s my birthday!

Wish I could be bouncier about it, but my back hurts like the devil. Off to go do some stretches and take a Tylenol or two.

12 thoughts on “Give Me a Hug and a Kiss…

  1. Happy Birthday!

    I got chocolate fondue for breakfast, hope your Lime is taking as good care of you.

    I had back problems last summer. I learned the hard way that you have to be careful when taking a Ti-Pou in your arms. I found that generic painkillers and taking extra care to rest my back muscles made the problems go away, although very very slowly. This is not something that gets fixed overnight, or even in the scope of a week.

    I found that ibuprofen gives good results. That’s what the pharmacist recommended for muscle pain.


    It’s early morning for us here, and I just got to work and saw the date, and the first thing that I did was email you.

    I hope that you have a splendid day. I hope that your back ache goes away soon.

    Have a good day, and a good dark beer from me!

  3. Thanks, everyone! :)

    Annie, when you write “email”, do you mean “Left a message on this blog”? Because I can’t find any email from you!

    Jean-Louis… yeah, I’ve actually had this pain twice before, once in India from lifting Ritu’s Ti-Pou (Koko) and once in Montreal from, well, the bad posture and too much uninterrupted computing that I think did it this time.

    It can be slow, but you know, with the proper physiotherapy, it can be a little less slow. I’ve broken out all the old stretches I was taught in Montreal, and the physio ball that I bought to sit on (and stupidly replaced with an office chair), and adopted one Korean thing: a medicated sticky patch applied to the area in pain. This patch is called a “pah-seu” and it’s quite good. I awoke this morning with significantly less pain than the morning before. In fact, though the pain was mainly on the right side, I feel the side-effect peripheral pain on the left side much more clearly.

    As for long term… I think I shall exercise a lot, and get this gut’s muscles into shape before I ever have a Ti-Pou of my own to lift, else I’ll be in constant pain!

    Oh, and Lime took good care of me. But that’s the subject of my next post!

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