Lime knows me very well, and she outdid herself this year. She ordered something for my birthday, online, because all the shops seem to be going out of stock, and seeing as it wasn’t a popular movie in Korea, it probably soon will be permanently unavailable. I picked up a copy for Marvin in Chinatown, Toronto, but never got one for myself, and I love this movie. I don’t care how low it is in the opinions of most Koreans, or how confusing it sometimes is (as Marvin noted to me once before); I think Whasango (here’s a pretty balanced review) was the first Korean movie I really was crazy about, and now I have the full, unpirated DVD. I am a happy man.

4 thoughts on “Whasango

  1. Yeah, I think so. I asked about it mostly for the sake of having an opportunity act all wiggy about it, which it what it seemed to require. Now I think about it as being live-action anime. But Korean.

  2. Yeah, I think of it as Korean anime in live-action. Apparently there is actually some Japanese anime cartoon out there with a somewhat similar setting.

    Lime’s promised to watch the film with me and explain what the director’s comments (from the commentary track) are about the making of the film. Yay!

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