Those Abusive Vegetarians, Whoops, I Only Mean That About The Vegans

Ozzie Yobbo provides a link to a really sleazy bit of Australian journalism that claims that vegetarian diets are child abuse… oh, wait, no, only Vegan diets are likely to be bad for kids, ah well, too late to change that title. And too late for you to get your money back for the newspaper, too.

Of course, anything who knows anything about humans in any culture besides their own would note that, oh, wait, Indian diets often don’t have a lot of meat in them (as one of the commenters at Yobbo’s page points out). So the way Indians eat is child-abusive? Gee.

What’s sad, though, is that you just know, somewhere out there, some mom or dad showed this article to her kid and said, “See! I told you! Well, that proves it.” Because there are people dumb enough, or ignorant enough, or credulous enough, to skip actually thinking about whether the report makes any sense, or is written fairly.

4 thoughts on “Those Abusive Vegetarians, Whoops, I Only Mean That About The Vegans

  1. Yeah, especially when you call not eating meat malnutrition. Because, you know, India’s all poor beggars and no educated city folk who, you know, prefer to not eat meat.

    Yes, I’m shaking my head again.

  2. Indeed; it would likewise be abuse if omnivorous parents beat their children for refusing to eat meat.

    I don’t see how that demonstrates that not feeding one’s child meat is child-abuse, however, assuming the child is getting proper nutrients. (Of course, not ensuring that would be child abuse as well.)

    But then again, I’ve read that too much tofu or soy-product consumption at an early age can affect height, as it contains growth-inhibitors. Is giving your kid soy-milk or kimchi jjigae with tofu in it also a form of child abuse?

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