Wow! My home town!

Er, in the Konglish sense, where home town means “area from which one hails”. Here are some reasons to love my home province in Canada, which is Saskatoon. Actually, I don’t love the Roughriders, or many of the things on the list, but it’s neat to see the place being blogged about, just the same. (And the fact that the first general human rights act in North America was passed in Saskatchewan, before even the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights was passed.)

The link was on The Worship Freehouse, a little religious collective in Saskatoon, my hometown, whose page I checked out simply because anything from Saskatoon that shows up on the Flickblog is worth a click and a few minutes.

Also mentioned on Flickrblog is this article in Salon on tagging. Plus there’s cool pics there. Just go on and look.

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