Regardless of what you think…

I hesitated about whether to place this under sci/tech or politics in my archives.

Regardless of what you think about religion, the move to demand that creationism be taught in schools is bad, bad, bad.

The investiture of faith required in science is only to believe that there is a world, the workings of which are explicable and understandable—to some degree—by humans. Meanwhile, creationism is flat-out religious dogma, recently garnished by a ton of pseudoscience.

The pseudoscience has done nothing to advance our understanding of the world, of our bodies, of how to survive on this planet. Arguable religion has offered some aid in some of these areas, but creationism has given us none. Science, on the other hand, has been responsible for much of the technological progress that has brought us out of huts and hovels and into an age where hygiene actually exists at all. For starters.

I am all for religious freedoms. If some people want their children not to believe in science, fine. If you want your kids to learn about soft-creationism in Church (which is probably better than outright anti-science, and less likely to drive them away from religion altogether), fine. That’s different that trying to impose ignorance and a dark age on the Western world.

And it has some pretty bad consquences for all of us. But at least we can laugh about it…

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