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  1. 토끼의 소리입니다…

    For the Korean-impaired, the commenter (the esteemed Kangmi) asked what my little exclamation, “Kkangchong,” means.

    It’s the sound used to decribe rabbit bouncing in Korean; the closest English word, I suppose, would be, “Boing-boing!” When Lime explained the word to me, she suggested it’s kind of used in the way we use onomatiopoeic animal sounds, like “woof woof”, though the Yahoo dictionary entry linked above suggests it is actually a word for a bouncy jump.

    Hwang Shin Hae Band has a wonderful song called 깡총. You can hear the song at bugsmusic (number 04 or 08 on this page; both are the same version, but it’s listed twice as it’s on a best-of album). It’s not my favorite Hwang Shin Hae Band song (which would be something from the newest album), or even their silliest (which I think is from the first album, the disco version of 짬뽕, number 9 on this page), but it’s good fun.

    Anyway, I was wishing happy visits from the Easter bunny. Lime and I were actually given real eggs by a gang of little girls wandering the streets with little handmade paper baskets (retrofitted milk cartons, in fact!) and were given eggs, along with—no, not “Happy Easter!”—an exhortation to accept Jesus. We were torn as to whether it was nice to see kids giving to strangers, or disturbing to see them sent out on a strange listen-and-repeat missionary jaunt.

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