Polling Problem

Well, Pollhost seems to have lost the data for polls on several of the websites I’ve visited, including the data for the last poll I ran.

I’ve decided to go with something a little different, this time. I was looking through my cookbooks this morning and ran across the funniest passage in the recipe for Peking Duck, in a little book out of Hong Kong that was sent to me by my sister and her husband:

Mix syrup, wine, and vinegar well and rub into the duck in windy place.

I think the original (in Chinese) probably meant in a well-ventilated place, though I have no idea whythis would be important. The duck, by this point, has already been “thoroughly dried” in a “draughty place”. Suffice it to say this is one recipe I’ll probably never attempt.

But there are plenty of recipes in my three cookbooks here—one pan-Chinese, one Chinese vegetarian (from my teenaged years), and one Korean cookbook (given to me by Lime). The trick is, with all these delicious-looking dishes, which one should I try to make? Usually, the first few times I make something it’s really good, then it turns out badly the next few times, and thereafter I can usually do a pretty good job of it again.

But which to attempt? What should I try make? Dear Reader, I turn to you for help. Vote, and do your part to determine the course of my culinary self-education.

The poll is on the right, in the sidebar. Oh, and as a new feature, you can apparently select several answers from the list, so don’t be shy.

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