It just makes no sense…

… for it to be an illegal act for me to link somewhere. Gag order? Wait, you mean the government gets to decide who publishes what when and where? Why can’t the government be more efficient in getting a jury and case together? Sorry, but gag orders won’t work in a ubiquitously digital society. They won’t work.

They won’t work.

But I won’t do it. I won’t link, because some tweedyheaded nincompoop will probably find something to charge me with. So I am EXPLICITLY NOT LINKING to this, just telling people to go look around the internet. But of course, I will tell you that Instapundit (at is posting some really interesting things about Canadian stuff these days.

Instapundit being as famous online as the New York Times is on paper, and my page being a little nothing out here in Asia, it’s hardly as if I’m furthering the spread of any bad news that might be a secret. But, for my Mom, who is still learning to use the Web, the best way to find information on a webpage is to use the search form on that page. You’ll find that search form in the right sidebar, if you scroll down. And a good keyword to search, Mum, is a simple keyword like “Canadian”.

I bet you’ll find something interesting there. The first few links, anyway.

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