Amidst All That Ruckus

… my friend John sent me an interesting Op-Ed by Thomas Cahill on the Pope. If you like the Pope, you may not like this (link shouldn’t expire), but I think he has a point in some of what he says about the Pope, both good and bad.

Strangely, I’m posting this under politica because I don’t have a religion section on my blog, nor do I intend to have one.

One thought on “Amidst All That Ruckus

  1. Hello Gord,

    While I love John Paul the Great, I also welcomed this article. The media circus has by-and-large ignored JP2’s controversial (I would say orthodox) stances. You’d think the Pope had been a Unitarian judging by a lot of the coverage. This article, while I disagree with its tone and many of the points it makes, at least addresses some issues the world finds more difficult accept.


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