Publication Bans…

… don’t work. I’m embarrassed by my government. Not the scandal. The ban. It’s positively Victorian, which is why it failed in the face of late-20th century technology.

If you’re clever, you’ll know all about it soon enough. Google is your friend.

2 thoughts on “Publication Bans…

  1. Well, I’m thinking specifically of Canadians right now; I’m not so sure Google is the friend of Chinese internet users, whether that’s Google’s fault or their own government’s I don’t know.

    I think the Google Watch website points out some problems, but… it looks like a lot of it, to me, is ranting and fearmongering. If Google stops being my friend, fine; something better will come along, I am sure of it. If ads become built in, there’s going to be tech to block it. No big deal.

    Right now, I think, for the English-speaking world, Google is your friend. But not, in terms of search engines, your spouse. You shouldn’t develop any unreasonable loyalties or devotions, because something better could come along. And right now, the most promising thing, I think, is tags like we see at Technorati. That’s gonna change everything.

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