Short Films For Your Amusement

I found a link to AtomFilms on a site called Phil-osophy 101 which doesn’t seem to be loading now. Anyway, some of the films there were actually worth watching, and pretty funny:

  • Lady Lovelace Deception System: very cyberpunk, very cryptic
  • Solid Action Love Partner: odd, funny, retro robot fun
  • Star Wars TV: if it were five seconds longer, I’d say it’s not worth it, but I did chuckle.
  • They Came to Attack Us: be careful who you trust with the fate of the world
  • Abducted: a funny take on the stupid alien rectal probe myth. As if aliens with the technology to reach earth would at all need or want to do this.
  • Fly Trap: why you should never learn a language by rote memorization. Probably not safe for work.

Anyway, maybe you’ll find things you like there too. These are the recommendations of a certifiable SF geek, after all.

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